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Whats the gyst

Get complete User Management system that works right out of the box. All with a easy to use, fine-grained access control.

All the benefits of a stuctured database, and the flexiblity and perfomance of noSQL database.

Get a realtime database, that implements like magic in minutes.

Key Features.

Ok, if we were to sum it up:

Blazing Fast API

Get your data, in no time, with our built in caching

Rely on your data

Structure and validate your data, so you can always rely on it.

Get the Right Data

Get extremely powerful query, filter and search abilities.

Powerful Editor Tools

Data owners, feel empowered to sort and find data with a clean and intuitive UI


Think event driven development, trigger actions in response to changes in your data

Secure by Design

You get granular control over your data with fine grained API Tokens

What if you can build your idea for a product in a day?

Client Libraries

Use it how you work

Whether you are developing for web, IoT or mobile - BagelDB fits right in with libraries, documentation and code samples.